Umbra – PC Torrent Free

Umbra – PC Torrent Free

Umbra PC

An action RPG set in dark fantasy world, developed by SolarFall Games and focusing on freedom of gameplay and character development. We play as a former officer of the corrupt Human Republic, who has developed magical powers; in a country were mutations are punished by death. Running away from certain demise, the hero ends up in the ranks of mysterious Templars, where he must discover the truth about his dark secret, which can lead to the end of humanity. The gameplay draws on classic hack’n’slash titles, though developers implemented some of their original innovations to enrich the game. One of them is the incredibly complex crafting system, providing the player with nearly complete liberty when making equipment and weaponry. Character development is equally unusual – the game’s heroes don’t learn a predefined set of skills from the start, but their bodies mutate depending on one’s play style.

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