Move or Die – PS3 Torrent Free

Move or Die – PS3 Torrent Free

Move or Die PS3

Overall, Move or Die is the game it promises to be. Thanks to the proliferation of multiplayer with strangers, and how you need to play online to unlock content anyway, it’s likely that it won’t be as friendship-ruining as advertised – but that’s probably for the best. The game sees frequent updates, adding content and fixing problems, and that means it’s a pretty safe purchase. The only problem is the potential lag, inherent to peer-to-peer multiplayer, you might encounter online or with distant friends. For best results, get a 4-pack and play with friends – but you don’t have to.

Beyond characters, there’s a variety of game modes, too. If you’re so inclined, you can make some yourself. Although every mode is conceptually simple, there’s a lot to learn when you’ll be playing a different one every 20 seconds!

Move or Die is a party game for up to four players by Those Awesome Guys (that’s their name – really!). In it, you and up to three other crazily-coloured friends jump around, passing bombs, stomping on each other and playing a variety of game modes. And we mean a variety – your characters might stay the same, but the game’s rules change every 20 seconds!

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