Fable Legends – XboxOne Torrent Free

Fable Legends – XboxOne Torrent Free

Fable Legends XboxOne

Each Hero in Fable Legends was to be a unique character with unique abilities, powers, and gameplay. Several playable heroes were identified as: Sterling, a Prince Charming type of character, who flourishes a rapier and wise cracks; Winter, who is focused on will-based abilities and ice attacks; Rook, focusing on ranged combat with a crossbow; and Inga, a paladin-like character wearing heavy armor, and wielding a sword and shield.[1] Players can customise any Hero, ranging from colour and aces to outfits. Customisations would have been unlocked either with earned in-game silver (in game currency), or by purchasing them with real life money. Some cosmetic items may have only been purchasable.

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